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Monte carlo polo Club 7/03/2015 : what remains !

Monte carlo Polo Club 03.07.2015  What's left ... After a "launch" by its president, Francesco Mitrano, with a lot of nice words, in December 2013, here is what remains of the "Monte Carlo Polo Club", installed illegally on municipal land the town of Beausoleil: 2 box abandoned, the roof was ripped off by bad weather ....

just after its launch august 2013, it soon became clear that this "Monte Carlo Polo Club" was financed obscurely, with heavy suspicion of cash money being paid  illegally to  the mayor of Beausoleil.
Now  here is what remains today of what was announced as the Monte Carlo Polo Club, his "club house" and "School of Polo".
more info here 

One must recall that a regulatory dimension polo field is as large as about 3 football fields!

Today on the website of the "Monte Carlo Polo Club", there are new quite unclear informations. We learn, among other good news, that "a new Club House will open on the port of Monaco" ... SIC! That a new polo field "exclusively dedicated to  in tournaments" (re SIC) will be opened within minutes of the principality (but to date, no address is given ...), on which will be held  the next Monte Carlo  Polo Club tournament... the announcement of the site also states that "in 2015 will open the polo school (remember that its launch had already been announced in December 2013!).

Again no address is available on the website. Finally, and this will warm hearts of course, Monte Carlo Polo Club is proud to announce that it "also celebrates the Year of Russia in Monaco." At a time when France has courageously refused to deliver 2 Mistral helicopter carrier to Vladimir Putin, given the events in Ukraine, when the newspaper "Le Monde" states : Ukraine "Europe is indirectly at war" (the 23/10/2015), this "celebration" may surprise!

For, as the weekly  Marianne reported on its website "if the Principality is not a member of the European Union, and can basically conduct its own foreign policy, its privileged relations with France forced it to respect the spirit of the agreed sanctions EU against Moscow.

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